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Organic Mixed Beans

Organic mixed beans: organic butter beans, cannellini beans, organic red kidney beans, organic chickpeas.

Organic mixed beans are a good source of protein and minerals, eaten with whole cereals provide a good source of energy, are low in calories and good nutritional values.

Net weight: 400 g

Drained weight: 240 g

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Organic pearl barley, beans and pulses

Pearl barley: scientific name Hordeum vulgare

Pearl barley is a cereal with oriental origins, belonging to the Gramineae family. Pearl barley consumption is on the rise thanks to its versatility that allows it to be used in lots of different recipes. Pearl barley is a very nutritious and tasty food that helps to preserve the well-being of the body. Beans and pulses eaten with pearl barley constitute a complete food thanks to the nutritional properties.

Net weight: 400 gr.

Drained weight: 240 gr

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Organic spelt, beans and pulses

Spelt: scientific name Triticum dicoccum

Spelt is a cereal belonging to the family of the Gramineae and it dates back to about 8,000 years ago. Spelt is used a lot in the Mediterranean diet, thanks to its high nutritional properties. To further help digest proteins, it is recommended that spelt is eaten with beans and pulses.

Net weight: 400 g

Drained weight: 240 g

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